Video Help

You do not need to convert your video if it already meets the requirements specified for your category/discipline in the application guidelines. 

Note: is a third party web application and as such, BAC and WESTAF can not provide technical support for issues related to its functionality. We only recommend it as a free solution for converting your videos.

Converting your video using

1.  Click upload a file to upload your video/audio. (
Only pay attention to the black box, you will not use any other area on the site.)

2. Click Choose file and select your video file from your computer. Make sure your file is a supported file format:

  • - 3gp
  • - avi
  • - flv
  • - mov
  • - mp4
  • - mpeg
  • - wma
  • - wmv
Click Ok.

3. Click the green arrow, Go to the next step.

4. Select .mp4 from the dropdown and make sure to check the box I want to set advanced options. Click OK.

5. Under Set additional options, you only need to change the Resolution to at least 480x360. You won't need to change anything else here. Click Ok.

6. Click start to begin converting your file. This may take some time depending on how much traffic the site is experiencing.

7. You will see "Download" under Action. Click to download your converted file.