The Boulder Arts Commission offers grant funding in categories that are available to a variety of types of applicants: 

1) individual artists or community members
2) cultural organizations, both non-profit and for-profit
3) non-profit organizations [with 501(c)3 status or pending application)
4) public, private or home schools (through their teachers, principals or administrators)
5) government agencies
6) fiscal sponsor representing any of the above
Each grant category may be available to one or more of the types of applicants mentioned. You will only be able to see grants that are appropriate to the type of account you have created. For example, Scholarships are only available though an Individual Account and Operational Grants are only available through Organizational Accounts.
BAC Grant awards are non-transferable, and they are also taxable and are reported to the federal government. Upon award, a current IRS form W-9 must be submitted for the City of Boulder Finance Department records for each grant recipient, whether the recipient is an individual or an organization or business. The W-9 must be in the same name as the grant recipient named on the grant application. Failure to supply the corresponding W-9 number will invalidate the grant award.
To register, each applicant must consider to what name the grant award check should be issued if awarded, and proceed accordingly. Create an individual account if grant checks would be written in an individual’s name (supplying a Social Security Number), or create an organization/ business account if the grant check would be written to a business or organization (supplying an FEIN Number).

Registering as an individual is the first option of the sign-up process. After establishing an individual account below, note that the last question on that page is “Would you like to associate this user account with an organization?” If you wish to proceed to this step, select yes, follow the subsequent instructions and you will have access to a new tab to add information to create an organization/business account.

If you wish to apply as a Fiscal Sponsee, you must set up a new account specifically for this purpose. Please contact our office at 303-441-4391 and we will walk you through the process.
For organization/business accounts: Please supply the work address and contact information for the initial individual user account if you do intend to create an organization/business account. It is recommended that the person with primary responsibility for managing grant applications and contracts is the person who initiates the sign-up process, as their account will become the primary user account for an organization or business.  An organization/business account can be accessed by multiple individuals; permissions are facilitated by the primary user account through the “Manage Users” tab under “Manage Account.”
Once you have completed the registration process, you will have access to any currently available application forms that are appropriate to your type of account. When a grant deadline is reached, that application form will no longer be available in the “Open Applications” tab. Also, as soon as any new application is begun and any information entered is “saved,” that application form will be relocated into the tab “My Applications/Reports.”

Password Rules :
Contain at least 8 Characters
Contain at least 1 Number
Please select Yes if you are an organization. Select No if you are an individual.

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